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To provide state of the art, innovative training to give public safety professionals the tools they need to succeed.

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Emergent is a source of training that you, your agency and corporation can trust. The information you receive will give you a solid foundation you can be proud of. Integrity is one of our most important attributes.

We strive to help business professionals and public safety employees stand out in their field by providing training not often found in typical inservices. We will work to improve response, productivity, organization, help eliminate complancency, and improve employee relations.

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About Us

academic Approach

Academic content is often left out of the public safety trainng classroom. Emergent's foundation is based off scholarly study in concert with practical application. Emergent offers a truly unique unmatched training environment.


Emergent is committed to providing the most professional training availble to public safety and corporate professionals. A professional image is the most valuable asset to any agency.

industry issues

Before creating Emergent, Chris worked for many years in the public safety industry. Still working in it today, he brings a wealth of experience and a great knowledge content to current modern issues in the workplace.