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T R A I N I N G   &   C E R T I F I C A T I O N S

​Certified Situational Leadership Instructor

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Certified Training Instructor

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Leadership Certification

Crisis Intervention Instructor

Low Ropes and High Ropes Facilitator - Experiential Learning

Criminal Justice Information Systems Certified - National Crime Information Center

Over 1000 Hours of KLEC Certified Law Enforcement Leadership Training

     Including: Values Based Leadership, Ethics, 

                       Telecommunications Executive Development Program

Kentucky State Police Communications Certified Training Officer


P U B L I S H E D    W O R K

​Law Enforcement's Social Media Anomaly     Eastern Kentucky University Research Defense     2016 

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Chris Freeman

Chief Executive Officer, EMERGENT

​Chris Freeman is the CEO and visionary of

EMERGENT ​He leads the company's focus on the Public Safety employee and their crucial role in communities across the nation. His ability to teach core leadership values, experience as a practitioner and supervisor, and educational achievements make him an unmatched consulting asset for corporations across the globe.  

A B O U T  C H R I S

​Chris Freeman is the CEO and visionary of

EMERGENT.  ​He leads the company's focus on the Public Safety Employee and their crucial role in communities across the nation. He is passionate about promoting professionalism by setting the standard within the classroom.

Chris began his career as a Medical Dispatcher for a private ambulance service, Mountain Lifeline, and then moved into a position as a Tele-Communicator for Whitley County 911 in Williamsburg, Kentucky, population 35,000. After having served his home town community for 5 years, he accepted a position with the Kentucky State Police Post 7 in Richmond, Kentucky as a Law Enforcement Tele-Communicator covering 11 Kentucky Counties.  He was quickly promoted to an Assistant Supervisory Position within the Radio Room. Having a great understanding of the challenges both a small and state agency face as a Public Safety Employee, Chris chose to further his understanding of the interworkings of the Criminal Justice System beyond the Radio Room. He accepted a position with the Criminal Records and ID Branch of the Kentucky State Police in Frankfort, Kentucky. Chris supervised the Criminal History Background Section, it's many employees, and played an integral role in the evolution of the Kentucky Criminal Records System, as well as the Criminal History Systems integration to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Not only was Chris already very knowledgable with the Law Information Network of Kentucky (LINK), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS), but during this time he became very intimate with the Automated Fingerprint Identification System and it's role within the Criminal History System.

With extensive experience as a practitioner and a unique understanding of the interworkings of technology in the Radio Room, Chris then took a position with the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, Kentucky in the Advanced Tele-Communications Section as a Law Enforcement Instructor. With an unparralleled skill and knowledge set he has set the standard for professionalism with his teaching style in the classroom. Having taught Public Safety Employees  across the state on many advanced topics in Tele-Communications and Leadership, he recently coordinated an entire Public Safety Dispatch Academy as a class of Distinction at the Department of Criminal Justice Training -- an accomplishment rarely achieved.

Most recently, Chris is currently authoring a book geared toward the Public Safety Professional and Leadership in Law Enforcement.  His teaching of leadership has moved beyond the Public Safety sector into many corporate venues. EMERGENT is now more than just a passion of Chris' -- it is a team of instructors committed to excellence in Public Safety and Leadership in the Corporate Workplace.


​Master of Science - Criminal Justice        Eastern Kentucky University   2016

Bachelor of Science - Criminal Justice     Eastern Kentucky University   2006

Master of Science in Progress - Homeland Security     Eastern Kentucky University     2016